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Written by Wayne Baker & Bruce McCabe
Published by Two Headed Man Music, BMI & Ryan Cory Music, BMI
OmniVerse Music Group 2021

Executive Producer: Wayne Baker Brooks
Produced by Ethan Farmer & Rob Lewis
Arranged by Ethan Farmer
Vocal Arrangements by Rob Lewis
Recorded at Paramount Studios (Hollywood, CA)
Mixed by Chris Harden at In Vault Lab Studios, Chicago, IL
Mastered by OmniVerse Music Group, Chicago, IL

Recording Personnel:
Wayne Baker Brooks – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Ethan Farmer – Bass
Agape Jerry – Guitar
James Gamble – Drums
Jason Freeman – Keyboards
Jef Jacobs - Piano
Rob Lewis – Background Vocals
Miguel Gandelman – Programmer


Although no one can see
There's no one here but you and me
Where would our love be
If these walls could talk
I wonder if you'll still be around
Or would we be the talk of town
They'll know what's going down, going down
If these walls could talk
Now all the trouble that we could face
If they found our secret place
There's only one thang that I know for sho
I can never never let you go
Is this how it all should be
I need you holding on to me
This could end so easily
If these walls could talk
We got together here somehow
No one knows about us now
Let's just forget all about
What they do what they do what they do what they do if they found out
If these walls could talk