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AMPLIFIED: chicago blues 


About the Exhibition



Southern black migrants brought the blues to Chicago, where the music helped them forge connections and transform an unfamiliar, often inhospitable city into a new home. The music was also transformed—electrified and amplified to compete with urban noise. The photography of Raeburn Flerlage captures the streets, clubs, homes, and studios where a community of musicians defined the Chicago blues sound.  Immerse yourself in the Chicago scene of the 1960s through Flerlage’s images, and experience the blues by playing guitar, designing an album cover, writing lyrics, and singing karaoke to Blues Classics "Got My Mojo Working" Muddy Waters, "Wang Dang Doodle" - KoKo Taylor, and "Sweet Home Chicago" - Wayne Baker Brooks 




















Jamming with my Friends 

Had the pleasure to jam out on 3 songs with one of the most bad ass, soulful, and energetic pedal steel players in world along with his amazing family band Robert Randolph & the Family Band on last Saturday Night Jan 24th, 2015 at the City Winery on Chicago's West loop area. All the ladies started jumping up on the stage like they had the holy ghost, lol. What a fun night with good people, a great audience, and talented souls!!!